A Little About Me

My name is Logan Moeller. I come from a small town in Iowa and attend college at Central in Pella, IA. I am going to be a junior in college, double majoring in Communication and Spanish.

I was diagnosed with type one diabetes in April of 2013, and  my life has been dramatically changed ever since. My diagnosis inspired me to want to help others living with T1D and has opened so many new doors in my life.

This is my first year being involved with Students With Diabetes, beings as I am still new to all of this. I was informed of this program through my diabetes nurse back home. Without her, none of this would have been made possible.

I am now proud to say that I am a Strategic Communication intern for JDRF in New York City for this summer and could not be happier. JDRF is a wonderful organization and to be able to do work that benefits other people living with T1D is a dream come true.

I hope that all who visit my page will take the time to read my posts each week and follow along with me on my journey through the Big Apple and my internship here at JDRF!


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