Concluding Week/end

Good morning everyone. Hope your weekends were splendid! This past weekend was, sadly, my last in New York City; because this weekend I COME HOME! It is crazy to think about how much has happened over the past 3 months and how much I have been fortunate enough to do. It is true: time sure does fly when you’re having fun!

You would expect my final weekend to have been INCREDIBLE; indescribable, or something along those lines….well it was, but in a different sense. Here’s how it all went down.

I finished work late Friday as I was busy with countless things (which is what I like) and was practicing my presentation for a few more new faces as I prepare for the “big one” tomorrow morning and afternoon! I noticed that feeling in your stomach that comes when you know things are going to drastically change very soon (aka MOVING HOME) and realized how much I am going to miss this amazing organization and the wonderful people I have had the chance to work with. Believe me when I say, it is going to be the strangest thing next Monday waking up and: NOT putting on dress clothes, NOT walking to the subway/ NOT commuting to Wall Street, and NOT coming to work at 26 Broadway….

Anyhow, I finally left work around 5:30ish and made my way back to Brooklyn where Tyler and I had planned to meet up and eat Shake Shack once more before he left the following morning…well he ended up getting his flight changed to Friday evening so that left us with very little time to do much other than to catch up once more and say our goodbyes. Sadly now I am the only male intern left, and I no longer have someone in the next cubicle over to talk with. Tyler and I did some pretty amazing things this summer and I will surely never forget them nor him. We already plan to keep in touch, as do all of the interns here, but we also discussed next year’s Students With Diabetes conference and how we both plan to go and our paths will hopefully cross again there, if not before. It was a glum evening from there on as I was now left with nothing else to do but finish packing and begin SOME of the cleaning process, for Saturday morning I would be moving to a new apartment for my final week.

My alarm came too soon Saturday morning but I hopped up, jumped in the shower, got dressed, and began my first of many trips to my new apartment. Thankfully, it is located only 3 blocks from my previous apartment, however it is at the opposite end of the street so it is technically 6 blocks. I began lugging my large suitcase, backpack, and medical supplies bag over, met my new roomies (Daniel, which is weird because my previous roommate was named Daniel, and Andrew…..AND Max, the cat). They showed me around the apartment, including my own separate room which is AWESOME! There apartment is so nice; they have a spacious living room area with a huge TV, a lovely kitchen with all the appliances and spices I could desire, and again my own room was the cherry on top. I began unpacking my first load of bags, and once I finally had drudged through all of that, I returned to my apartment twice more to retrieve everything. Once everything was out, I was required to clean the room from top to bottom… after about two solid hours of cleaning, my old apartment was shining and smelling like roses (I like to think) and it was time to say my second goodbye of the weekend, only this time to my apartment. I turned in my keys, walked out the door, and began the walk back.Side note: here’s a picture of Max in case anyone was curious…


The remainder of Saturday was spent unpacking, organizing, and even some RE-packing as I am trying to be as cautious as possible in regards to only putting away clothes that I will FOR SURE wear throughout this week, and the rest remain in my suitcases so as to save me some time packing. Once everything was organized and my room finally felt like home, I realized I needed to make one last grocery haul to finish out this week. Bad luck for me though, as it was insanely hot and humid that afternoon and it was about a 15 minute walk each way so thankfully I didn’t have TOO many frozen foods. After I returned to my new apartment, I found myself absolutely exhausted and so I plopped down on my new bed and entered in to lazy mode for the remainder of the day…

Now on to Sunday! 🙂 I fell asleep Saturday evening around 9:15 pm and woke up Sunday morning around 8:15 am so I was feeling FABULOUS to say the least! I had not realized I was so tired and all of the moving process must have really taken its tole on me. Anyways, I woke up, showered, and began the trek to Times Square so as to attend Hillsong Church one final time. The service was awesome (as always) and for lunch, I wanted to indulge in the Soup Nazi one final time as well. As I sat in a small park eating my chicken dumpling soup, I began reminiscing about things back home and how anxious I am to return to them. I was informed yesterday by my mom that for my first meal back home, we will be eating SWEET CORN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! There are not enough exclamation points to express how happy I am, because I had thought for sure that by the time I got home, there would really be not much time for me to eat any and I would completely miss out. So that, along with many other things and people, are motivating me through this final week.

After church, I ventured between 8th Avenue and 5th Avenue. I had to go to Rockefeller Plaza at LEAST once more before I left, for there was a shirt I had my eye on since my first week in the city. I am a HUGE “Friends” fanatic and since it originally was shown through NBC, they sell several shirts and some coffee mugs that pertain to the show. I knew I was going to have to buy one sooner or later so why not during my final weekend here. After my glorious purchase, I ventured over to St. Patrick’s Cathedral, where I was told there were breathtaking art inside and the architecture and design was unlike anything else. Well, that stood true, for as I entered through the grand doorway, I got chills all over. However, there was also a service in the process and I did not feel right being a tourist during a service so I left shortly thereafter. Here is a picture of the stunning building:


On my way back to the subway station, I stopped to take a picture of this incredible statue you see as the featured image of this post. It represents the iconic “kiss” of a couple here in NYC that marked the official victory over Japan in WWII and the end of all bad things and the beginning of new. Two days earlier, THOUSANDS of couples had gathered around the statue to re-create the “kiss” with their significant other and there was a huge ceremony. It happened on Friday, though, so I was not there in person to witness everything. Still a rather intriguing figuring and ceremony to commemorate the city and remind everyone of the victory.

I returned to Brooklyn to catch my bearings and drop several things off, and no more than 10 minutes after getting home, it began to downpour, ruining my plans of going to Governor’s Island for the afternoon….I still have not been able to make it over there and I want to at least say I’ve been there once before I leave this coming Saturday. So again, since the rain but a damper on my afternoon plans, I spent the remainder of Sunday watching some NFL preseason games, playing with Max, talking with my roommates, and last night Daniel and I watched The Blind Side while devouring in our dinners. Finally, it was time to call it a night and I fell asleep not long after hitting the pillow.

Now today is Monday, a new day, a fresh start, my final week.

Today is going to be PACKED with editing, revising, comparing, contrasting, and finalizing my Hispanic outreach business case before my big presentation tomorrow morning. After tomorrow, the rest of the week will be pretty lax and stress-free as I will have finished my big projects and now only have the smaller stuff to deal with. My supervisor is having a goodbye lunch for me (originally supposed to be on Friday, but due to conflict, she needed to move it up) on Wednesday. So far, things around the office don’t have the soppy “about to majorly change” feeling just yet, but I’m sure after tomorrow, things will start setting in as it gets closer and close to my departure date.

While again, I will miss everything about New York City, all of the wonderful adventures and experiences I had, and the incredible people I have been blessed to work with; I am also MAJORLY looking forward to coming home to the good ole Midwest. I’m ready to see my family, my girlfriend, and my college buddies! However, even once I’m HOME, I have another quick turnaround, because I will return home Saturday afternoon, but move back to college the very next day….aka LOTS of unpacking/repacking/unpacking/repacking to do; only this time it won’t be for an extended period of time and I’ll still be in the wonderful state of Iowa.

I suppose I better get started on my work now. I hope you all have a wonderful week and I hope you will stay with me for one last post this coming Friday 🙂

Until then,

  • The T1D in NYC

One thought on “Concluding Week/end

  1. It’s crazy how fast time has flown by this summer! Seriously though, the craving for real sweet corn has been quite the struggle. Enjoy the rest of your time, and I’ll see you in a week!


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