Live From Radio City – Unforgettable

Hello readers! Hope your weeks have been going smoothly! My week has been keeping me on my toes to say the least. Monday was rather hectic as I was needing to catch up on all the emails I had received over the weekend and address each accordingly. The following day, Tuesday, we said goodbye to yet another intern, Jennifer! The office seems to become more deserted each week due to more people leaving…..later this week we will say goodbye to one more intern, Tyler.

This week has been busy with formatting my Hispanic outreach presentation and practicing it with members of MarCom to have it as close to perfect as possible for next Tuesday when I present everything. I have also gotten asked to assist in several more projects so my hands are pretty full now, even with only a little over one week left, but I’m excited. I would rather have TOO much to do than have nothing to do at all. Today and tomorrow will be spent practicing presentations, finalizing others, and the beginning steps on the remaining assignments. Alright, on to yesterday…

For those of you who don’t know, I am a HUGE America’s Got Talent fanatic and love watching it and follow everything possible on social media, whether Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. I realized several weeks ago that every year, the LIVE shows are done at Radio City Music Hall and so it became a dream of mine to be able to attend before I return home a week from this Saturday. Tickets are FREE, however it is a matter of submitting your information online and waiting and waiting until the tickets are released…then it becomes a madhouse and you just pick one and go for it. I was lucky enough to get in, get a ticket voucher, and (after explaining and talking with my supervisors) I was allowed to leave work a little bit early yesterday so as to make it over to Radio City in plenty of time for my ticket pick-up time. My supervisors are awesome to say the least as they have always been understanding of anything and everything and they felt I deserved one last HOORAH before I go back home to Iowa.

I left work early afternoon and made my way down to Times Square and from there, walked several blocks until I was at Radio City. The line was already never-ending and when I finally found the end, I was at the opposite end of the block…I got my place and the waiting game officially began. I arrived shortly before 3 and it wasn’t for a little over an hour before I was finally inside at the box office. Now, in regards to tickets, everything is RANDOMLY distributed. The tickets are all in large piles and you simply go up, hand the person your voucher, and they hand you a ticket….simple and pain free right? It is if you get good seats. Well…..I GOT ORCHESTRA SEATS!!! I was freaking out when I read my ticket and immediately had to look it up online to see roughly where I would be sitting. I was set to be just a tad bit over halfway back, so only several rows behind the judge’s table! I could not believe my luck and everything that was taking place. To contain my excitement (and to satisfy a rapidly growing hunger in my belly) I quickly found some fast food and devoured a burger, fries, and ice cream before immediately going back to Radio City and getting in line for when the doors would open at 6:30. I got in line RIGHT at 5:30 and even as I walked up, I was already at least 100 people deep (roughly guessing) and it was time for yet another waiting game. As 6:30 neared, I could feel the anticipation and excitement growing bigger and bigger. Even though we ended up being delayed from entering for another 20 minutes, I was able to find my seat quickly and the picture game began. I was in a perfect location to see everything, whether the judges, Nick Canon, the stage, or anything else….I could see it all! 🙂


The picture above shows roughly the view I had from my seat (I know its a tad dark, but if you click the image you can see everything much better). I was already shaking and getting goosebumps. After meeting the people around me and chatting AGT with them, it was finally time to bring the judges out. Whether you frequently watch or not, there are 4 judges: Howard Stern, Heidi Klum, Mel B, and Mr. Howie Mandel! I am a die-hard Howie fan and always have been ever since he joined the show several years ago. It’s been a dream to see him in person (also was a dream to meet him but unfortunately that will have to wait till another time). I was on my feet and screaming my heart out as the judges came from backstage out into the seating area and found their seats.

The producers and even an on-set comedian began going over the rules for the audience and explained the different cues and what not. In no time, they were counting down the minutes and seconds until we were on air. You could feel the energy rising in Radio City and everyone was already shouting their favorite acts and yelling at the top of their lungs. As Nick came out on stage and introduced the musical guest, OMI, the ship had officially set course and the rest is history.

I got to see ALL of my overall favorite acts from this year’s season and all of the people I was rooting for, made it through to the semi-finals! While I am unsure and rather doubtful of anyone having seen me on live television, it was still an absolutely incredible experience and something I will never forget. I have seriously had SO much luck with different things and cannot believe how fortunate I have been during my time here in NYC! America’s Got Talent Live was something I’ve always dreamed of getting to see and I can now officially scratch it off my bucket list.

I do not know how much luckier I can get, honestly, and I feel that after last night, I have completed everything I dreamed of doing while here in New York. As for my remaining time here in the city, I will continue to make the most out of my internship with JDRF International and am dreading a week from tomorrow when I will leave 26 Broadway and not return… least not for a while anyways 😉

Today will be spent finishing up the presentation for my social media analysis project, as well as running through my other presentation once again with someone in my department. The past couple days have been the early rising – late night kind and this weekend won’t allow me to sleep in very much as Saturday morning I have to get up early to move all of my stuff out of my current apartment and down the street a few blocks to an AirBnb, where I will finish out my stay here in NYC (my housing lease at my current apartment is up on the 15th and so I had to make short-term arrangements). While it will be VERY odd moving out but not moving home this Saturday, I’m sure my final week will go even faster. I find myself becoming more and more anxious to be home with family and friends again. Even so, I will only have about 12 hours (if that) at home as I will arrive home Saturday evening, and leave to move back to college the following morning a little before noon so…..things won’t be “settling down” anytime soon, at least not for another two weeks.

Anyways, I have rambled on enough and I hope you enjoyed this post as much as I did typing it. I’m still on cloud 9 after last night and that should help propel me through today and get everything necessary completed.

Until next time readers,

  • The T1D in NYC

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