Even the Littlest Things Can Be Fun

Hello everyone, I hope your weekends have been going well! This past week was super hectic but this weekend was a good get-away from all the business of work and spending time with friends and making new ones. Let me recap from the end of last week first.

I finished out last week finishing the second to last section of my Hispanic outreach business case and began updating my presentation slides which I will be giving a week from this coming Tuesday. I am feeling a LOT more confident after one of the people in the MarCom department asked if I wanted to give a mock presentation for her and get her feedback. I was more than willing to oblige to her request as I want everything to be absolutely perfect when it comes time to give the final presentation. Another high point of last week was the all-intern and staff luncheon held last Thursday. All of the interns attended as well as a majority of each department that we worked in. We had pizza for lunch and it was DELICIOUS! The CEO, Derek, was also in attendance and talked to all of us individually and gave us the heads up that we were each going to have to speak briefly once the mic was turned on. We went around the table and each intern stated their name, department, and talked about some of the things we worked on as well as what we have learned along this journey. When it got to me, I thanked everyone for giving me this opportunity, thanked my supervisors, and I said that the most important things I’ve learned are that not everything is an instantaneously completable as I would like it to be and that I have truly learned how to set and meet deadlines and work with multiple people at once. I expressed my sincere gratitude for the organization, my supervisors, and Derek. I also stated how I have already reached out to the JDRF Greater Iowa chapter based out of Des Moines and am anticipating getting involved with them upon returning home to Iowa. I finished the week on a high note and am already anxious to get back to the office tomorrow morning.

This weekend was Tyler’s last weekend in NYC so he wanted to go a bunch of places and do lots of stuff so I was prepared and ready when he was. Friday night Tyler came over to my place and we walked around Brooklyn and did some exploring and then we also ate sushi at a place just down the street (I frequently eat there now as I have become obsessed with sushi since being here in NYC). Afterwards, we came back to my apartment and watched some shows on TV. Saturday morning we both planned to sleep in and catch up on our rest. Tyler had wanted to go to a bagel shop and I had been told of a donut shop by my mom, who insisted I check it out before time ran out. I went (as it was only a few stops away from Clark Street) and got two mega chocolate flavored donuts and devoured them in minutes. Afterwards Tyler sent me the location where he wanted to meet me and I hopped on the subway once again and made my way towards Manhattan. Tyler had explained he wanted to go to Roosevelt Island (which separates Manhattan from Long Island City) and in order to get there, you must take a tram car from one side to the other. As I met up with Tyler we could see the trams traveling to and from and I realized I had never been in such a form of transportation so it made the trip a lot more thrilling. As we departed from the Manhattan side, we could see for miles and miles once we neared the halfway point. While it was rather difficult to obtain any solid pictures beings as the tram was rather packed, I managed to get a couple decent pictures. As we began our descent, Tyler and I prepared to disembark and once on the ground we began venturing around the island.

We really weren’t aware of what all was on the island, but rather we were visiting just because. Therefore, we simply continued to do so and rather than wandering aimlessly we decided we would encircle a good portion of the island. Once we were satisfied and our hunger began to take over, we headed back to Manhattan to find lunch. Tyler had always told me about Luke’s Lobster as being one of his favorite places to eat and since I had never been, we Google searched the nearest one. It happened to be inside the Plaza Hotel (one of my favorite places to explore here in NYC). We found the stand downstairs and ordered the Taste of Main (two lobster rolls, two shrimp rolls, and two crab rolls) and it was AMAZING! I love seafood but WOW that was possibly some of the best I’d ever eaten. We lucked out as the frozen yogurt place I visited several weeks back was right next to the stand and so we got dessert there. I loaded up with multiple flavors, toppings, and syrups and was completely in heaven for the duration of my bowl. After this, we made a pit stop to a sporting goods store so Tyler could by an air pump to use for his soccer ball. Once bought, we returned to Brooklyn to change clothes and made our way down to the pier where the soccer field is. Tyler and I were just kicking the ball around when these two younger kids came up to me and asked if they could join us. We began a 2 vs 2 pickup game (more just messing around than anything else) but soon enough we had up to 16 people playing with us, so we began an 8 vs 8 game and it was super fun. Let me remind everyone that I used to be very involved in high school athletics and still stay pretty active but man, I was exhausted when we finally called it quits for the day. We came back to my apartment to catch our breath, cool off, and decide where we wanted to eat supper. We settled on a cozy Chinese restaurant just a couple blocks from my apartment and each indulged in our favorite dishes. Once our bellies were stuffed and we could do no more, we returned to my apartment and hung out for the remainder of the night. Eventually, Tyler was ready to head back to Manhattan and I was ready to curl up under my blankets and call it a night.

Sunday morning I woke up with lots of energy and was ready for church. The message was incredible and it all spoke to me so personally and clearly. What stuck out most was this: “God can do infinitely more with what we DO have than we could ever do with what we THINK we have” I will carry this forever and it is so true. God is oh so good and has provided me with so many life-changing opportunities over the past 6 months. Without him, none of this would be possible and I would not be blogging from NYC right now.

I returned home after service and began doing laundry (by hand I might add) as well as did the dishes and cooked a lovely chicken breast meal with an omellete on the side. I discovered a James Bond marathon on TV for the remainder of the day so I thoroughly enjoyed my day inside and day of catching up on things around the apartment. As I prepare for this coming week, I will be kept busy with my other main project of social media. I will also be presenting on this project the same day as my outreach business case. This week will consist of more prepping and revising little things with my projects but I also know this week will be hectic with more interns leaving throughout the week, and several more meetings. I look forward to encountering whatever this week holds within but will be dreading saying goodbye to more dear friends.

Side note: I apologize for the lack of pictures in this post as I somehow managed to obtain very little pictures from this weekend. I hope you all enjoyed this post and will stay tuned for the next one!

Until then,

  • The T1D in NYC

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