A Weekend in Connecticut

Happy Sunday everyone. I hope your weekends have been going great; I know mine was! I finished out last week at work with beginning the final stretch on my Hispanic Outreach business case. Things are really starting to fall into place and moving along nicely; from here on out it should be pretty pain-free….except for the “make a presentation and present to the entire department” part 🙂 but I’m actually looking forward to it. Praise God for all those years of 4-H I suppose! Anyways, on to this weekend.

A couple weeks back, Tyler invited me to join him on a trip to Waterbury, Connecticut to stay with his aunt and uncle for the weekend and go fishing. I was super excited to be asked to go as 1) I’d never been to Connecticut and 2) I LOVE fishing, but had never gone on the ocean so it was already shaping up to be an exciting weekend. Tyler and I met up at Grand Central Station Friday shortly after we had left work and returned home to grab our bags. We bought our tickets and grabbed a quick bite at a Chinese place in the Dining Center. Once we were finally on the train, we staked out some good seats and settled in for the long journey ahead of us.

As the train ride continued, and the AC got colder, we were preparing for our transfer stop in Devon, CT where we were to catch the train that would take us to Waterbury. Well, little did we know that the PA system suddenly stopped working, as did the screens overhead showing the next station….so we missed our stop and ended up in New Haven, CT (which isn’t TOO terribly far from Waterbury, but apparently the next train back was not for another 2 hours.) We called up Tyler’s uncle and asked for his thoughts, and he said it wouldn’t be an issue to come pick us up in New Haven. They picked us up, and to heal our “wounds” of waiting, they took us for some delicious ice cream at a family-run business on the way to their place. Once we arrived at their place, we unpacked, made a gameplan for the following morning (to wake up around 6am) and then called it a night. I was too excited to sleep just then so I watched Jimmy Fallon (go figure, as I rarely miss a show) and then finally rolled over and fell asleep.

When my alarm finally went off Saturday morning, I was wide awake and was ready in a flash. Tyler’s uncle, Pedro, was wide awake too, although we had a short dilemma of waiting for Tyler to get up and at it….oh well, it all worked out and we hit the road around 6:30ish. After making a pit stop for some breakfast sandwiches, and another stop for our bait, we finally made it to the marina where Pedro’s boat was at. We unloaded everything form the vehicle, and reloaded it all onto his boat. At last, it was time to sail away from shore. We began our journey out of the harbor and out towards the big open blue. After CATCHING several more fish to be used as bait, we settled upon a calm spot in the ocean and cast our lines.

Tyler was the first to make a catch and caught a pretty cool looking sea bass. Only after Tyler caught another 3 or 4 fish did I finally get my first bite. We were out on the ocean for several hours. Tyler won the title for most fish caught, and largest shark caught (although I also caught several, and heck, I even made one shark bleed because he wouldn’t settle down to let me remove the hook), but I won the title for best hat worn on the ocean, and the largest fish (a 16 inch fluke)


It was a gorgeous day, but when the waves got to be a little too much to handle in our boat, and the sun started to really shine down on us, we decided we were satisfied and made our way back to the harbor. We cleaned off the boat, our poles, and ourselves and then finally got in the car to head back. Pedro wanted to make a pit stop at a famous hot dog place called Blackie’s. Here, the hot dogs are cheap, and the conversation is top notch. After devouring a couple hot dogs, we returned to Pedro’s house and cleaned up. We were all tuckered out after a long morning on the ocean, we all laid down and took naps.

A little after 5 we all woke up, and began to change clothes and freshen up before going out for dinner. Tyler’s aunt, Michelle, said we were going to stop by and visit/pick up Tyler’s grandparents. When we arrived they each greeted us with open arms and an open home. We sat and had wonderful conversation. Tyler’s grandpa asked all about me, where I was from, what I was studying, my family, everything. Heck, he even brought up Nile Kinnick (as he remembered the connection with Iowa). After conversing for a while, we were all starving and made our way to a place called Maggie McFly’s. The menu was full of options, and the setting was hopping with families, couples, and people of other sorts. Normally I go the seafood route at any restaurant, but a southern fried chicken dinner caught my eye and I couldn’t resist. As dinner progressed, I was sitting next to Tyler’s grandpa and we continued to talk about anything and everything. We talked about sports, travel, our food, and much more. We could’ve sat there for hours and chatted non-stop, but unfortunately the check came too soon and it was time to head home. After we dropped off Tyler’s grandparents again, we returned to his aunt and uncle’s and were able to catch the last couple innings of the Mets’ game and saw a great comeback by the Mets and saw them come out on top. Finally, we once again called it a night and set our alarms early.

Now it is Sunday and this morning Pedro took us out for breakfast before dropping us off at the train station. This place was delicious and I settled with some wonderful chocolate chip and banana filled pancakes. They were scrumptious and I was completely stuffed by the time we returned to the car and began our way over to the station. Pedro dropped us off, we said our goodbyes, and before long, the train arrived to take us home. We made sure to be aware of our stops and got off at the correct station to make our transfer. While Connecticut was a much-needed escape from the business of NYC, it was sort of relieving to be back “home” again and return to my cozy nest of an apartment for the rest of the day. I have been doing some laundry, got everything unpacked and put away, and have now settled down for a relaxing evening at home.

I am looking forward to getting back to work again as this week will be PLENTY busy with my projects nearing completion, as well as whatever else I get asked to help with throughout this week. With only three weeks left, I feel like I SHOULD be starting to panic as to what things I still need to make sure and do, but at the same time I am beginning to become more and more ready to return home and reunite with family and friends. I find myself more and more anxious with each passing day.

I hope you all have a wonderful rest of your Sunday, as well as a great start to this new week.

Until next time,

– The T1D in NYC


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