A Rather ‘Magical’ & ‘Musical” Weekend

Happy Monday everyone! I hope you all had a pleasant weekend. My weekend was pretty eventful to say the least; although not AS eventful as previous ones 🙂 Anyways, I finished out last week working on multiple projects at once, whether it was calling numerous JDRF Chapters to gather information for my social media project; contacting them for a new campaign, or continuing my Hispanic Outreach business case. This week will be even busier as I have several deadlines this week regarding some of my projects, but fingers crossed everything goes well. Now let me recap my weekend.

Friday after work, I returned to my apartment in Brooklyn briefly to change clothes and shortly thereafter, met up with Tyler and we headed towards Atlantic Avenue. Tyler was wanting to stop by a shoe store (I like to think he has a little obsession with shoes) but we came to find out that it doesn’t exist anymore….so to fill the void we decided to feast at Buffalo Wild Wings. I could eat at BDubs practically every day if I could because I LOVE wings; the hotter the better right?! After we both devoured our wings, we felt like we deserved something sweet and tasty to top it all off. We found a ColdStone just down the stairs from the restaurant and we both found ourselves in heaven as we watched the workers compile our delicious ice cream concoctions. By the time we finished all of this, it was around 9ish or so, and we decided to head back to my place to hang out. We ended up wandering around my surrounding neighborhood and just chatting about anything and everything. Finally we both were exhausted and ready to crawl into bed, and so Tyler departed for Manhattan and I curled up under my blankets and fell asleep (after watching Jimmy Fallon of course).

My alarm sounded shortly after 8am, and I hopped in the shower, ate a bowl of cereal, and began the trek to Times Square. I had plans to get in line for TKTS in Times Square, which is where they sell discounted Broadway tickets for numerous shows all throughout the day; each at different discount percentages. I had my eyes set on seeing Penn and Teller first and foremost, but made sure to have a list of backup plans in case it was not available upon my reaching the teller window. When it was finally my turn, I told them what show I was looking for and they told me “Yes, we have 4th row for $80” and I knew I would never get the opportunity again once I returned home so I took it. Plus, 4th row is pretty darn good for that price. I also stopped by the Finding Neverland box office to see if any discounted tickets were available for their evening show. I ultimately ended up purchasing tickets for the 8pm show. From there on, I knew my afternoon/evening was going to be jam packed with excitement.

I quickly returned home to eat lunch, shower, and get dressed up a little bit. When I arrived at the Marquis Theatre off Times Square, I was escorted inside and down to my seat. I was already starting to fill with anticipation and excitement. I wouldn’t consider myself a “magic nerd” or anything along those lines, but I LOVE watching magicians and illusionists like Penn & Teller. There is just something about the way our minds choose to see certain things but sometimes miss the obvious or even things that ARE real, that fascinates me and I could go to show after show and never get bored.

As the show went on, they would keep the audience involved in numerous ways, whether having people come up on stage to help, having them read from randomly chosen books, or simply “investigate” the props to confirm their legitimacy. I would continuously raise my hand whenever they would request volunteers. There was a super close call where the guy directly BEHIND me got taken up on stage. I wound up reluctant I hadn’t been called then because this guy was used in a disappearance act and he never returned for the rest of the show 🙂 While some of you may not believe in any sort of “magician” or are one of those people who believe they pay or hire everyone who gets called up on stage…well I have some proof that this is NOT the case. Why? BECAUSE I GOT CALLED ON STAGE! That’s right, I, Logan Moeller, was called on to come on stage and help with a trick. I assisted in observing and evaluating a large container-like frame which contained an “African white-pygmy elephant”. They vanished the animal and my mind was blown. I was astonished; not only with the trick but the fact that I got to be a part of it all, with PENN AND TELLER no less. After the show concluded, I found each of them in the lobby area and got the chance to meet and talk with both Penn Jillette and (Raymond Joseph) Teller. I also got their autographs! Check it out:

penn jillete teller pic

On a side note, not only does this add to the list of famous people I have seen/met, but I can now also say that I have met and talked with someone who starred in my all-time favorite TV show, FRIENDS! Penn Jillette starred in an episode in which he is an encyclopedia salesman trying to educate Joey Tribiani….I know, nerd alert! 🙂

Anyways, after the show I returned to my apartment in Brooklyn to cool off for a bit, grab some dinner, and then returned to Times Square to get ready for my next Broadway show, Finding Neverland. This is based off of the Disney story/movie Peter Pan (which happens to be one of my favorites) but is the story of “how Peter became Pan.” Let me just say that while my seat may not have been the greatest, the performance made me forget all of that and I was totally absorbed in the musical. The performers were fantastic, the singing was top notch, and the special effects were some of the best I have ever seen.

finding neverland

After Saturday finally concluded, I was able to cross a few more things off of my NYC Bucket List. I returned home to Brooklyn where I almost immediately fell asleep once my head hit the pillow. Now on to Sunday!

Jennifer (one of the other SWD interns) and I regularly attend Hillsong United Church in Times Square every Sunday morning but this weekend she suggested we go to the evening service at 7:30pm. At first, I was a little hesitant as I would rather wake up and go to church in the morning and have the remainder of the day to do as I please, but I decided I might as well, plus it would be a change from what I was accustomed to. This ended up being perfect because I had basically no motivation at all on Sunday morning to get up and explore, not to mention the heat was almost unbearable. So instead, I spent the day in my air conditioning tidying up my areas, doing the dishes, and watching Netflix. When it was finally time to depart for Manhattan, I quickly got dressed and made my way back to Times Square for like the millionth time since I arrived here in NYC. The service we went to was AWESOME; the energy was indescribable, and the message was perfect!

After church, I suggested we find some ice cream to celebrate National Ice Cream Day. Luckily, there is a Ben&Jerry’s directly across the street from Hillsong so we wandered right over and became lost in a whole new world of deliciousness. We then proceeded to do a little people watching while enjoying our ice cream. Finally, we both were ready to call it a night and went our separate ways.

It is now Monday morning and this week (like mentioned before) is going to be a busy one, but hopefully a splendid one. Prayers for proper time-management with each of the projects I am working on, and also prayers to keep my mind and emotions at ease through it all.

I am beginning to realize just how long I have been away from home over the past 6 months and I am beginning to miss it all a little bit more. Since January 18th, I have only been home a total of around 15-20 days total. While I absolutely LOVE New York City and couldn’t be happier with the opportunities I have been blessed with, I find myself missing out on good old-fashioned Iowa traditions in the summer, like the County Fair which happens to be taking place this week and I have not missed Fair Week in years (like I cannot even remember another time that I DIDN’T attend). I suppose this means I will just have to make the absolute best out of the time I have remaining in NYC before departing for home sweet home on August 21st. Anyways, I suppose I better get to working on my projects again!

Until next time readers,

– The T1D in NYC


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