Rainy & Lazy Weekend

Good morning everyone! I unfortunately do not have any exciting news compared to my experiences last week, but I still had a couple interesting adventures! NYC was rainy the whole weekend, so I chose not to risk getting caught in anything ugly while out exploring.

Friday evening after work, I found myself just wanting to sit down and rest for the evening and nothing online regarding things happening in NYC over the weekend, particularly for Friday, were of interest to me so I stayed in and talked with several friends from back home. I try and have at least 2-3 conversations with people back home each week so as to keep informed about things happening back in Iowa or because they want to do the same about NYC and check up on how my adventure is going 🙂 Anyways, that basically sums up Friday.

On Saturday, I took advantage of not having any set time to wake up so I got an excellent night’s sleep. Tyler and I had planned on meeting up early afternoon at Central Park to hang out and toss a Frisbee or football around. However, the rain had to come and put those plans on hold as neither of us wanted to be stuck in a wide open park area when a storm comes. Therefore, we decided we would figure something else out, but the rain did not let up so I spent Saturday afternoon doing laundry and stumbled upon a Criminal Minds marathon (another one of my favorite TV shows) and again talked with some friends from home. I know….so far my weekend has been extremely dull compared to previous weekends but to be honest, it was good! While YES I am in an entirely new city, and this is a once in a lifetime opportunity, it was rather soothing to have a lazy weekend and just let it feel normal…almost like home 🙂

Sunday morning I woke up promptly, showered, and made my way to Times Square for church at Hillsong where I met up with Jennifer (another SWD intern). The service was incredible; the worship was on spot and the sermon was awesome! The perfect way to start off my Sunday. After church, since Jennifer LOVES soup, I figured I would take her to the Soup Nazi Seinfeld stand just up the street several blocks. As we arrive, we find that that side of the street is blocked off due to construction and the only way to get to the soup stand was to go completely around the block and come back down that sidewalk….so we decided to settle for something else. We found a place called the Bread Factory and we both had different styles of grilled cheese. My sandwich was called Hell’s Kitchen so it was caked with hot sauce and it was DELICIOUS! 🙂 During lunch, Jennifer told me about how the Cake Boss bakery was just off Times Square and in the direction we would both be going to head back home. For those of you who do not know what Cake Boss is…basically it is a TV show about a guy named Carlo and he is a pro at baking and decorating cakes and desserts and people from all over the world hire him to make elegant, wacky, and out-of-this-world ideas for cakes! It is super cool! Anyways, we stopped in here and each took a number and waited to be called (giving us time to ponder what we wanted to order)

While we were waiting, I was watching the bakers in the back through a window and saw them hand-making fresh desserts.

cake boss 2

Finally my number was called and I had my eyes set on a delicious Oreo and chocolate cupcake 🙂 these were amongst the “cheaper” options as it only cost around $4 while most other desserts were around $9-$14 and then you get into the cakes which are around $20-$40. We each got our treats to go as the bake shop was PACKED and there was nowhere to sit. Jennifer was going to meet another intern to visit a museum and I was planning on visiting the NFL Headquarters so after Jennifer found the subway, I sat in Times Square at a table and devoured my delicious cupcake!

cake boss 3

As I began my trek to the NFL Headquarters it started to rain harder and I realized that my mobile charger was basically dead and I did not want to get confused with my directions upon my arrival so I decided to head back to Brooklyn. I remembered I had a list of groceries I needed and so I went to Atlantic Avenue where Target is located and did some shopping! Once back to my apartment, I put my groceries away, did the dishes, cleaned up my closet and bed areas, and found several good movies on TV to keep me entertained for the afternoon and into the evening. I even managed to take an unexpected nap, in which when I woke up, I felt like I had been asleep the entire night and thought it was the following morning. I saw that my roommate was not in his bed and so I had a slight heart attack as I thought I was late for work….until I checked my phone at saw that it said 5:43pm…all was well after this! After my nap, it was supper time and so I had a chicken pot pie for supper. The rest of the evening is history as nothing more happened and I found myself snuggled into bed around 11pm and drifted off to sleep.

It is now Monday morning and the start of a short week here at JDRF as this week is the 4th of July and so we have Thursday off early and all of Friday off. This means work make be extra busy in order to keep on track with deadlines for the following week. Either way, I look forward to what lies ahead and getting to continue on my business case, the Master Calendar, and my social media analysis.

Until next time readers,

– The T1D in NYC


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